Gembox.Email library

GemBox.Email is a .NET component that enables developers to read and write email files (MSG, EML, MHTML), and compose, receive and send email messages using IMAP, POP, and SMTP from .NET applications in a simple and efficient way.

GemBox.Email requires only a .NET Framework and it provides all the missing email features of the System.Net.Mail namespace.

GemBox.Email Free is free of charge while GemBox.Email Professional is a commercial version licensed per developer. Server deployment is royalty free.

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Utilities Read & write Security Secure Sockets Layer Mail Address Validation Mail Merge Protocols MHTML file format Transport Layer Security EML file format Post Office Protocol Internet Message Access Protocol Simple Mail Transfer Protocol GemBox.Email MSG file format GBE


  • POP, IMAP and SMTP clients in a single component.
  • SSL and TLS security support.
  • MIME compliant model.
  • Save and load mail messages to and from a MSG/EML/MHTML file or a stream.
  • Simple and easy-to-use programming interface.
  • Plain and fair licensing.
  • 100% managed code (C#), follows .NET class library design guidelines.

For more details go to GemBox.Email features page.

Common uses

GemBox.Email can be used by a wide range of users inĀ  different scenarios, from individual developers who need a simple way to send or receive email messages to big corporations that need to process a large number of messages automatically.

Some common uses are: