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Licensing questions

How many licenses do we need for our development team?

The number of licenses is equal to the number of developers. For example, if four developers are working on an application that uses the GemBox component, you will need four developer licenses.
In other words, one developer license is required for each and every developer working on any application which directly or indirectly references the GemBox component.

Do we need a license for every developer or just the ones that are using the component?

All developers that are working on any project that uses the GemBox component need to have a license.

Are those “named” or “floating” licenses?

GemBox licenses are per developer, not per named developer. We understand that members of a coding team may change over time and that it’s not practical to have to update licenses each time that occurs.

Do we need a separate license for build (CI/CD), testing, or production?

No, there are no servers or OEM licenses. GemBox licenses include royalty-free deployment, there are no additional costs for anything.
So, you can feel free to build an unlimited number of applications and deploy or distribute them to an unlimited number of services, servers, or end-user machines with no extra cost.

How can we get a quote?

You can use our purchase order generator, the generated order can be used as a quote or a proforma invoice.

How is the product delivered?

GemBox licenses are sent to their owners via Electronic Software Delivery (ESD).
After receiving the payment, product delivery is done via email to the email address specified in the purchase order.
In the case of Credit Card payment, product delivery is done in a matter of hours.
In the case of a Bank Wire Transfer, product delivery can take up to a couple of days.

How to purchase an upgrade license?

You can purchase an upgrade license only if you have previously purchased a developer license. It does not matter which previous version of the product you have, you can upgrade from any version to the current latest version.
Note, upgrade licenses do not add any new developer licenses, the number of licensed developers stays the same.

What are redistribution requirements?

You can redistribute all files marked as “REDISTRIBUTABLE FILES” in the product documentation. However, your end customers must be informed that they should not distribute those files further. Notice that we issue unique serial keys, so if a serial key is reverse engineered and pirated, either your end-customer (if he was informed of redistribution requirements) or you (if you failed to inform them) will be liable for damages.

Technical questions

Do we need to install a component in order to use it?

No, it is not mandatory to install the GemBox component in order to use it.
You can also add it to your project as a private assembly, by downloading it from our BugFixes page, or as a NuGet package.

Can we continue to use the component after our support expires?

Yes, GemBox licenses are perpetual and can be used forever. You can continue to use the latest version of the GemBox component that you’re entitled to.
Note, to use a version that was released after your technical support has expired, you’ll need to upgrade your license.

Can we use the component on multiple machines?

Yes, licensed developers can use the component on all the machines that are exclusively used by them.

Do you have separate 32-bit and 64-bit DLL versions?

No, GemBox components work on both 32-bit and 64-bit machines.
They are fully managed .NET libraries which are independent of the system architecture.