You can use our expertise in building .NET components that import and export data to all sorts of data sources, including file formats, databases, and REST web services. We can help you optimize our components’ use, add a missing feature in our component, create an API for a new file format, or create a component that connects to any significant web service. We’ll help you read and write your files or use any 3rd party web services so you can focus on your business idea.

Send request

The process we usually use is:

  • You send us a short description of your request.
  • We will contact you to understand better how we can help you.
  • We make an offer with proposed tasks and the price we can offer for each of them.
  • Dedicated developers will start working on the code if you agree with the proposal.
  • We keep direct communication with you throughout all steps of the project.

The prices vary depending on the size of your project. For small projects, up to 2 weeks, that require a senior developer with 5+ years of experience, our standard price is $120 per hour. If your project is more extensive, the price is the subject of an agreement.