GemBox Ltd. is a privately owned software publisher founded in 2006 by a group of young people passionate about software development. As early adopters of the .NET platform, we soon realized that high-quality components are a necessity in modern application development. They save developers time, boost productivity, and increase quality. Because we were dissatisfied with the slow, COM-based, hard-to-use components then available, we decided to offer something better.

We started with a small development team in Zagreb, Croatia. Our first .NET component was GemBox.Spreadsheet. In 2012, we added GemBox.Document. Over the next several years we expanded both our development team and our .NET portfolio, adding GemBox.Email, GemBox.Presentation, and GemBox.Pdf.

We are currently working on improving all our .NET components and we have also begun releasing Java components, the first of which is GemBox.Spreadsheet for Java.

You need good developers to make high-quality components. We have recruited and kept the best ones. The developers who wrote the first lines of code for all our components are still part of our team.

Our products are a testimony to our mission: to develop software that is small, fast, standardized, well documented, and inexpensive. We craft true gems, cut and polished, that will make your software shine and stand out.

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