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About GemBox

gem [ j e m ]

  1. jewel: a precious stone that has been cut and polished for use as jewellery or decoration
  2. somebody or something excellent: somebody or something considered to be valuable, useful, or beautiful

GemBox Ltd was founded by a group of young people passionate about software development. As early adopters of the .NET platform, we soon realized that high-quality components are a necessity in modern application development, enabling you to save time, boost productivity and increase quality. Being unsatisfied with slow, COM based and hard-to-use components offered on the market, we decided to offer something different. Our products are a testimony of our mission; small, fast, standardized, well-documented and inexpensive. True gems, cut and polished to make your software shine and stand out.


We are constantly looking for experienced, smart and independent .NET programmers available for a full time teleworking job.
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