Gembox.Presentation library

GemBox.Presentation is a .NET component that enables developers to read, write, convert and print presentation files (PPTX, PPT, PDF, XPS and image formats) from .NET applications in a simple and efficient way.

GemBox.Presentation requires only .NET Framework and is many times faster than Microsoft PowerPoint automation.

GemBox.Presentation Free is free of charge, while GemBox.Presentation Professional is a commercial version licensed per developer. Server deployment is royalty free.

Explore GemBox.Presentation features by clicking on the areas in the diagram below.

WPF Read PowerPoint file types Write Read & Write Support Image file types XML Paper Specification Portable Document Format PowerPoint 97-2003 ASP.NET Print COM GemBox.Presentation GBP


  • Unified programming interface for multiple presentation formats (PPTX, PPT, PDF, XPS and image formats). More »
  • No dependency on Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Faster than Microsoft PowerPoint automation. More »
  • Plain and fair licensing. More »
  • 100% managed code (C#) that follows .NET class library design guidelines.
  • Simple and easy-to-use programming interface. More »
  • Preservation of unsupported file format features. More »

For more details, go to the GemBox.Presentation features page.

Common Uses

GemBox.Presentation can be used in a wide range of scenarios: from individual developers who need a simple way to read/write PowerPoint presentations to large corporations that need to generate large presentations quickly and efficiently.

Some common uses are: