Add Header and Footer in PowerPoint files using C# and VB.NET

Most slides in a presentation, except maybe the title slide, contain a header and footer with the date and time, a slide number, or some custom text.

With GemBox.Presentation you can easily add headers and footers to your PowerPoint presentations using C# and VB.NET. The HeaderFooter class represents these graphic elements.

The following example shows how to create and customize master-slide and layout-slide headers and footers using the GemBox.Presentation API.

PowerPoint footer created with GemBox.Presentation
Screenshot of PowerPoint footer created with GemBox.Presentation
using GemBox.Presentation;

class Program
    static void Main()
        // If using the Professional version, put your serial key below.

        var presentation = new PresentationDocument();

        // Create new master slide.
        var master = presentation.MasterSlides.AddNew();

        // Set "DateTime" and "SlideNumber" placeholders visible on slides.
        master.HeaderFooter.IsDateTimeEnabled = true;
        master.HeaderFooter.IsSlideNumberEnabled = true;

        // Create new slides; will inherit "DateTime" and "SlideNumber" placeholders from master slide.
        var slide = presentation.Slides.AddNew(SlideLayoutType.VerticalTitleAndText);
        slide = presentation.Slides.AddNew(SlideLayoutType.TwoObjects);
        slide = presentation.Slides.AddNew(SlideLayoutType.TwoObjectsAndText);

        presentation.Save("Header and Footer.pptx");
Imports GemBox.Presentation

Module Program

    Sub Main()

        ' If using the Professional version, put your serial key below.

        Dim presentation = New PresentationDocument

        ' Create New master slide.
        Dim master = presentation.MasterSlides.AddNew()

        ' Set "DateTime" And "SlideNumber" placeholders visible on slides.
        master.HeaderFooter.IsDateTimeEnabled = True
        master.HeaderFooter.IsSlideNumberEnabled = True

        ' Create New slides; will inherit "DateTime" And "SlideNumber" placeholders from master slide.
        Dim slide = presentation.Slides.AddNew(SlideLayoutType.VerticalTitleAndText)
        slide = presentation.Slides.AddNew(SlideLayoutType.TwoObjects)
        slide = presentation.Slides.AddNew(SlideLayoutType.TwoObjectsAndText)

        presentation.Save("Header and Footer.pptx")
    End Sub
End Module

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