New GemBox.Spreadsheet 3.7 Release with Charts support

We have just released a new setup, help, and examples for GemBox.Spreadsheet 3.7 with a support for Charts (graphs).

Following charts are supported:

  • Clustered Column, Stacked Column, 100% Stacked Column,
  • Clustered Bar, Stacked Bar, 100% Stacked Bar,
  • Line, Stacked Line, 100% Stacked Line,
  • Area, Stacked Area, 100% Stacked Area,
  • Pie.

Charts are supported in XLSX, HTML, PDF, XPS and image formats.

Charts can be printed or exported to PDF, XPS and image formats as explained in export drawing help section or shown in Chart Components example.

For more information, check out Charts help page and Charts examples.

Go to GemBox.Spreadsheet bug fixes page to download the latest bug-fix.