New GemBox.Spreadsheet 3.7 Release

We have just released a new setup and help for GemBox.Spreadsheet 3.7 and as promised before, this release includes major improvements of our PDF/XPS rendering engine.
We have added support for fit to page and page scaling features, fixed issues with rendering merged cells, improved performance of font fallback strategy and fixed other minor issues.
Another big feature is release of the new GemBox.Spreadsheet Example Explorer which is now implemented as web application which makes it much more accessible.
As before, Example Explorer gives you an option to run example’s code, which makes it ideal to make quick testing of GemBox.Spreadsheet features.
The rest of the features introduced in this release are:

  • Export to HTML file format is completely reimplemented.
    For more information, see Removed HTML export API help section and Html Export example.
    Added support for exporting all sheets to HTML file format.
    Added support for exporting to single web page (MHTML) format.
  • Included utility GemBox.Spreadsheet.WinFormsUtilities.dll in GemBox.Spreadsheet product which can be used to import/export ExcelWorksheet to System.Windows.Forms.DataGridView control with data, hyperlinks, formatting, images and more.
    For more information, see Windows.Forms example.
    You are not required to redistribute GemBox.Spreadsheet.WinFormsUtilities.dll if you are not using its functionality.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements. For more details, see GemBox.Spreadsheet bug fixes page.

We hope that you like the new features. If you have any feedback, feel free to send us an e-mail.