New GemBox.Pdf 1.5 Release with support for adding images

25th February 2021

We have just released a new setup, help, and examples for GemBox.Pdf 1.5 with support for adding images. The new functionality enables you to: Draw the image to a specified location in a specified size. Transform the image by applying rotation, scaling, or other transformations. Add an image watermark to PDF pages. If you have […]

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Using GemBox components in .NET 5.0 applications

9th February 2021

With the recent release of .NET 5.0, we would like to inform you that GemBox components have been tested on the .NET 5.0 runtime. The behavior of GemBox components on the .NET 5.0 runtime should remain unchanged, however, .NET 5.0 introduced several breaking changes and we observed that the usage of ICU libraries on Windows […]

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