New GemBox.Document 3.1 Release with support for hyphenation and formula fields

15th June 2020

We have just released a new setup, help, and examples for the GemBox.Document 3.1 with the following features added: Hyphenation – You can now use our API to specify hyphenation options and have GemBox.Document hyphenate your text automatically while rendering to PDF, XPS, or image file formats. You can find more information by checking the […]

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GemBox.Pdf 1.5 Released

27th May 2020

We have released a new version of our PDF component, Gembox.Pdf 1.5, that provides an easy and efficient way to read, merge, split, and process PDF files in .NET. The biggest addition in this version is major improvements to PDF digital signature functionality. The most notable improvements are: Support for signing a PDF file with […]

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