GemBox.Pdf 1.3 Released

18th July 2018

We have released a new version of our PDF component, GemBox.Pdf 1.3. In this version, we focused on the most important part of the PDF content: the text. Using GemBox.Pdf 1.3 you can: Extract a Unicode representation of a PDF page, as shown in the Reading example. Retrieve individual text elements with their location and […]

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GemBox.Document 2.9 Released

17th May 2018

We have released a new version of our document component for easy and efficient document processing in .NET without Microsoft Word. New in GemBox.Document 2.9: Extended support for HTML input and select tags. GemBox.Document will now convert HTML input and select tags to Form Fields and vice versa. Added support for .NET Standard 2.0 or […]

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