New GemBox .NET Core 3.0 Release

13th November 2019

Following Microsoft’s announcement of .NET Core 3.0, we have released new versions of GemBox .NET components compatible with .NET Core 3.0. With the release of .NET Core 3.0 support for Windows desktop applications (Windows only), GemBox.Document, GemBox.Spreadsheet, GemBox.Presentation and GemBox.Pdf .NET Core 3.0 components provide support for printing and writing to Adobe Portable Document Format […]

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GemBox.Email 1.5 Released

7th November 2019

We have released a new version of our email component, Gembox.Email 1.5, that provides an easy and efficient way to create, send, receive, and process emails in .NET. The biggest addition in this version is a support for communication with the Microsoft Exchange Server using Exchange Web Services (EWS). The new features allow you to: […]

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