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All versions of GemBox.Document come in the Microsoft Windows Installer (.msi) format, which ensures that you can easily install / uninstall and use multiple GemBox.Document versions on the same machine. To install GemBox.Document Free 2.7 enter you e-mail, download setup and execute it with administrator privileges.

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GemBox.Document Free delivers the same performance and set of features as the Professional version.

However, the Free version is limited to 20 paragraphs. This limitation is enforced during reading or writing files.

ComponentInfo.FreeLimitReached event allows you to control what happens when your application reaches free version limit.
You can use this event to continue using the assembly in a Trial mode for performance testing (set FreeLimitReachedAction to ContinueAsTrial) or to stop further reading/writing (set FreeLimitReachedAction to Stop).

First steps

Using GemBox.Document component is easy and straightforward. The following code is needed to generate simple Word and PDF files from your application:

C# code:

static void Main()

    var doc = new DocumentModel();
    doc.Sections.Add(new Section(doc, new Paragraph(doc, "Hello world!")));

Visual Basic .NET code:

Sub Main()
    Dim doc = New DocumentModel()
    doc.Sections.Add(New Section(doc, New Paragraph(doc, "Hello world!")))
End Sub


You can use GemBox.Document Free for the any purpose, including use in commercial applications.

However, you are required to acknowledge in your application that you are using GemBox.Document Free for specific purpose and you need to provide a link to GemBox.Document or GemBox.Document Free page. You can format and formulate the acknowledgement in any way you like. For example, if you have created a web application, you can put exported to DOCX / PDF using GemBox.Document Free .NET component link on the bottom of export data (or similar) page. Again, format and text is arbitrary, as long as you mention GemBox.Document Free and provide a link to a page on our web site.

GemBox Software is under no responsibility to provide any technical or any other support to the users of the free version.