JobRouter provides a digitalization platform that can be used to automate business processes. It includes modules for process automation, document management, and data management.

The main focus of their development team is to deliver a low-code platform to customers, so they can use it to manage their business processes across their entire application landscape. 

The challenge

Romy Opitz, Head of Product Development and Product Management at JobRouter, is responsible for the product’s development and growth and for coordinating the company’s development team.

She shared that before using GemBox, they created PDF files using PDF forms or XML templates. However, these options were too complicated for many of their customers, mainly because the forms and templates are not flexible for many scenarios or more complex documents.

They needed to replace these old methods with Microsoft Word templates that could be filled automatically and later converted into PDFs.

The solution

They weren’t actively looking for a solution, although one of their students interned in a company that used GemBox and advocated for the product to be used at JobRouter.

“We weren’t looking for a solution yet, the solution came to us, and we quickly decided that we would use GemBox to add more value to our product for our customers.”

After the purchase, they created the prototypes quickly and then made the official release after only a few months.

At first, they purchased only Gembox.Document to use the MergeFields functionality. But later, they upgraded to GemBox.Bundle because they also needed the functionality for Excel and PowerPoint files.

Currently, two developers are working with GemBox products directly, while the whole company uses them indirectly since they are integrated as third-party components in their product. 

They mainly use GemBox products to: 

  • Fill Word templates using the MergeFields functionality
  • Convert Office documents to PDF 
  • Render document pages to images

The implementation

Romy says that the implementation was really quick “since with the basic examples you can start programming directly”. If you have some previous experience with MS Office automation and PDF files, even the more complex tasks go pretty smoothly.

The results

Nowadays, their PDF creation module is much easier to sell and much more intuitive to use. That’s why their customers, developers, and support team are happier with GemBox than with the old solutions.

“Our developers are especially happy with the quick response times of GemBox support. Also, the library is very powerful and handles all types of documents, even the complex ones. We rarely have any hassle with it, and if we do, bugs are fixed very quickly.”

– Romy Opitz – Head of Product Development and Product Management at JobRouter

Besides having their own experience and results with GemBox, their clients are also experiencing time-saving since they can now create Word templates much quicker than XML templates.