Using GemBox components in .NET 5.0 applications

With the recent release of .NET 5.0, we would like to inform you that GemBox components have been tested on the .NET 5.0 runtime.

The behavior of GemBox components on the .NET 5.0 runtime should remain unchanged, however, .NET 5.0 introduced several breaking changes and we observed that the usage of ICU libraries on Windows is a breaking change that might affect the behavior of some functionalities, such as GemBox.Spreadsheet’s calculation engine, as explained in the remarks of the CalculationOptions.CultureInfo property. Note that .NET 5.0 allows you to revert to using NLS instead of ICU.

To cover the broadest range of users, GemBox components continue to target:

If you have any problems with using GemBox components in your .NET 5.0 applications, feel free to contact us.