Our New Recruitment Testing Product: TestDome.com

Screening candidates is such a pain in the neck. Every time we make a public job posting for C# developer, 50+ candidates apply. Shockingly, 90% of them can’t program at all. I have wasted hours and hours reading resumes and talking with candidates who are no good.

Not anymore.

We just released TestDome, a new website for online programming tests. You can create a live coding test with any set of skills and email it to candidates in less than 5 min. Candidates will need to solve real, non-trivial programming problems which can’t be cheated by googling answers. For example, this question just says “Fix the bugs” and gives you the code. If you can’t find and fix the bugs in 20 min, sorry, you are not a fit for our company.

The result?

I don’t read resumes anymore. Let me repeat: I don’t read resumes. They are an exercise in creative writing, send them to your high-school English teacher. I don’t do phone screens. I send the same test to all the candidates. If they pass the test, only then do I call them for a long interview where we talk about their work history, motivation and expertise. Facebook does the same. Google does similar coding challenges. And now your company, no matter how small can do the same for only $10 per candidate.

Currently we have Java Programming Test and C# Programming Test, this year we plan to add many more (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, iOS, Android, PHP). Hope you like it, let me know your thoughts.

Zeljko, GemBox Software Founder