New GemBox.Document 2.1 Release with HTML support

We have just released a new setup and help for GemBox.Document 2.1 with a support for HTML format.

HTML format is, for now, supported as output file format, but we are also working on adding support for HTML as input format.
Also supported is Single File Web Page format or MHTML. For more information, see Html Export example.

GemBox.Document Example Explorer, which is already available for some time, is now implemented as web application which makes it easier to access and use than previous WPF ClickOnce implementation.
As before, Example Explorer gives you an option to run example’s code, which makes it ideal to make quick testing of GemBox.Document features.

Additional features introduced in the new release are:

  • Added MailMergeClearOptions enum which can be used to specify whether the containing paragraph, table row or mail merge range should be deleted if no field was merged into it.
    For more information, see Mail merge clear options example.
  • Added DocumentModel.GetPaginator() method which can be used to find total page count and convert each page to WPF’s FrameworkElement or export it to PDF format.
  • Major refactoring of Bookmarks: support for reading all level (block, inline, table row, table cell) bookmarks from DOCX format and bookmark methods now work for all BookmarkStart and BookmarkEnd locations.
  • Improved support for DOCX format: support for reading Symbol characters and content of inline-level structured document tags (sdt), support for preserving form fields.
  • Many other bug fixes and improvements. For more details, see GemBox.Document bug fixes page.

We hope that you like the new features. If you have any feedback, feel free to send us an e-mail.