New Customer Support Service

For some time now we have been working on improving our support service and we have released a new GemBox Support Center.
We have taken this initiative in order to improve our customer support, to simplify the process of feature requesting, to increase the available GemBox components resources and to enable our users to see currently developing features.
We are greatly pleased at how fast a great number of users have adjusted to it and started using it.

We have introduced new support pages:

We have also introduced new knowledgebase pages:

Note that we will continuously work on adding new content to our knowledgebase.

Not only that, we have also introduced new feedback pages:

We want to simplify the process of feature requesting as much as possible.
Note that your feedbacks are really important to us so please feel free to create any feature request or vote for any existing ones.

And finally, we have introduced a new ticket based system to our support service: whether you have a question or an issue, feel free to submit a ticket on our new “contact us” page and we will provide help.