GemBox.Pdf 1.3 Released

We have released a new version of our PDF component, GemBox.Pdf 1.3.

In this version, we focused on the most important part of the PDF content: the text.
Using GemBox.Pdf 1.3 you can:

  • Extract a Unicode representation of a PDF page, as shown in the Reading example.
  • Retrieve individual text elements with their location and font, as shown in the Text Content example.

PDF content in GemBox.Pdf 1.3 is implemented as an in-memory object tree composed of different content elements that represent text, geometrical paths, images, etc. This format makes inspection and manipulation easy. For more information, see the Content Streams and Resources help page.

The code implemented in this release will enable us to start working on features such as modification, rendering, and printing of PDF content, so stay tuned.

If you have any questions, complaints, or suggestions, feel free to contact us or send us feedback.