GemBox.Bundle is a package of .NET libraries for processing spreadsheets, documents, presentations, email messages, and images (XLSX, DOCX, PPTX, PDF, MSG, and PNG) from .NET applications.

With GemBox.Bundle you get fast and reliable libraries that are easy to use and don’t depend on Microsoft Office or Adobe Acrobat. They require only .NET so you can deploy your applications without having to think about other licenses.

You can download and use the package for free, even for commercial projects. The Professional version, which comes with 12 months of technical support and without limitations, requires a license for every developer. There are no OEM, server, or deployment licenses. We also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

GemBox.Bundle includes


GemBox.Bundle combines all our products at a 35% discount on the total price.

The support period, in which you are entitled to a new version at zero cost, is 12 months.

If you need to support more than one Office app (e.g., Excel and Word), GemBox.Bundle is the way to go.

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