Excel Library for Java applications

The fastest way how you can get started with GemBox.Spreadsheet for Java library is by exploring our collection of Java examples. These are live examples that demonstrate various supported Excel features in GemBox.Spreadsheet.

System Requirements

GemBox.Spreadsheet works on systems with Java 8 or higher.

Hello World

The following example creates a simple Excel file using Java code. It shows how to initialize the GemBox.Spreadsheet content model, populate some cells, and then save an ExcelFile instance to a file in the desired format. It also demonstrates support for international characters (Unicode).

Excel Library for Java Screenshot
import com.gembox.spreadsheet.*;

class Program {

    public static void main(String[] args) throws java.io.IOException {
        // If using Professional version, put your serial key below.

        ExcelFile ef = new ExcelFile();
        ExcelWorksheet ws = ef.addWorksheet("Hello World");

        ws.getCell(0, 0).setValue("English:");
        ws.getCell(0, 1).setValue("Hello");

        ws.getCell(1, 0).setValue("Russian:");
        // Using UNICODE string.
        ws.getCell(1, 1).setValue(new String(new char[] { '\u0417', '\u0434', '\u0440', '\u0430', '\u0432', '\u0441', '\u0442', '\u0432', '\u0443', '\u0439', '\u0442', '\u0435' }));

        ws.getCell(2, 0).setValue("Chinese:");
        // Using UNICODE string.
        ws.getCell(2, 1).setValue(new String(new char[] { '\u4f60', '\u597d' }));

        ws.getCell(4, 0).setValue("In order to see Russian and Chinese characters you need to have appropriate fonts on your PC.");
        ws.getCells().getSubrangeAbsolute(4, 0, 4, 7).setMerged(true);

        ef.save("Hello World.%OutputFileType%");

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