Excel Images

Following example shows how to add images in different formats to ExcelWorksheet using various types of positioning.

Excel Images Screenshot
import com.gembox.spreadsheet.*;

class Program {

    public static void main(String[] args) throws java.io.IOException {
        // If using Professional version, put your serial key below.

        ExcelFile ef = new ExcelFile();
        ExcelWorksheet ws = ef.addWorksheet("Images");

        ws.getCell(0, 0).setValue("Image examples:");

        // Small BMP added by using rectangle.
        ws.getPictures().add("%#SmallImage.bmp%", 50, 50, 48, 48, LengthUnit.PIXEL);

        // Large JPG added by using one anchor.
        ws.getPictures().add("%#FragonardReader.jpg%", "B9");

        // PNG added by using two anchors.
        ws.getPictures().add("%#Dices.png%", "J16", "K20");

        // GIF added by using anchors. Notice that animation is lost in MS Excel.
                new AnchorCell(ws.getColumn(9), ws.getRow(21), 100000, 100000),
                new AnchorCell(ws.getColumn(10), ws.getRow(23), 50000, 50000)).getPosition().setMode(PositioningMode.MOVE);

        // WMF added by using one anchor and size.
        ws.getPictures().add("%#Graphics1.wmf%", "J9", 250, 100, LengthUnit.PIXEL).getPosition().setMode(PositioningMode.FREE_FLOATING);


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