Support for PDF on Linux and macOS

We have just released a new setup, help, and examples for GemBox.Document 3.1, GemBox.Spreadsheet 4.5, GemBox.Presentation 2.3, and GemBox.Pdf 1.3 with the support for creating PDF files and paginating document content on Linux, macOS and other platforms that implement .NET Standard 2.0.

Over the last several months we managed to remove dependency on WPF from our code for these functionalities, making them available to platforms other than Windows.

Note, to create the expected PDF file, fonts used in the input file must either be installed on the operating system on which the code is running or their location must be provided, for example via FontSettings.FontsBaseDirectory property.

If your document contains any image or if you are converting a spreadsheet to PDF file on a non-Windows platform, then you must also reference the System.Drawing.Common NuGet package that is used to decode images and to calculate Excel’s column widths.

If you are creating a digitally signed PDF file on a non-Windows platform, then you must reference the System.Security.Cryptography.Pkcs NuGet package that is used to encode digital signature into CMS format.

This release marks the major milestone in GemBox cross-platform support and will open possibilities to make other features, such as export to images, XPS and printing available on non-Windows platforms.