GemBox.Spreadsheet for Java – Retirement


GemBox.Spreadsheet for Java is a component that enables you to read, write, edit, and convert spreadsheet files from your applications using one simple API.

With GemBox.Spreadsheet for Java you get a fast and reliable component that’s easy to use. It requires only Java (version 8 or later), so you can deploy your application easily without having to think about other licenses.


We created GemBox.Spreadsheet for Java in 2018 to provide Java developers similar support that we offer for .NET developers. We moved all features we had in the .NET component to the Java version, except the rendering engine, and offered the Java version for less than half of the .NET version’s price.

Our plan was to attract new customers and to gradually move all .NET components we have to Java, including our rendering engine. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to repeat the success we had with .NET components.

Because of low interest in the Java component, we decided to not invest further resources into Java components. Therefore we are officially retiring GemBox.Spreadsheet for Java.

All licenses that were purchased for GemBox.Spreadsheet for Java are still valid and will be valid forever. We will also continue to provide free support and free bug fixes to all customers who purchased Java licenses until their free support period expires. However we don’t plan to sell new licenses or upgrades for them. If you are an existing customer and want to continue updating GemBox.Spreadsheet for Java yourself, even after your free support period expires, we can provide you with the source code.


Examples for a quick way to get familiar with the GemBox.Spreadsheet for Java API.

Help page for detailed documentation of the GemBox.Spreadsheet for Java API.

You can download the latest bug fixes here.

If you have a question or want to report an issue, submit a ticket and we will provide help within one business day.