GemBox.Spreadsheet 4.9 v1655 Released

We have released a new version of GemBox.Spreadsheet with the following list of features, improvements, and fixes included:

  • Fixed the issue with handling TextBox elements that contain links in XLSX writer.
  • Fixed the issue with calculating the AND function with error values.
  • Fixed the issue with updating formulas when sorting.
  • Fixed the issue with calculating ROW, COLUMN, and TEXTJOIN functions.
  • Fixed the issue with decoding VBA module names in the XLSM reader.
  • Fixed the issue with handling shared formulas with absolute references in the XLSX reader.
  • Fixed the issue with clipping shape edges in PDF writer.
  • Increased the SixLabors.ImageSharp version dependency.
  • Fixed the issue with preserved volatile dependencies when inserting new rows or columns.
  • Improved the performance of ZIP processing used for reading and writing XLSX and ODS files, resulting in up to 15.1% faster reading, up to 25.5% faster writing, and significant improvements in memory efficiency.
  • Added support for custom chart positioning. The custom positioning is represented with ChartElementLayout type that can be accessed via ChartPlotArea.CustomLayout, ChartLegend.CustomLayout, and ChartTitle.CustomLayout properties.

You can download the latest version from NuGet or from the BugFixes page.

If you have any questions, complaints, or suggestions, feel free to contact us.