GemBox.Document 3.5 v1817 Released

We have released a new version of GemBox.Document with the following list of features, improvements, and fixes included:

  • Fixed issue with missing macros on Linux.
  • Fixed issue with loading fonts on MAUI.
  • Fixed issue with BitmapCache in PDF writer.
  • Fixed issue with image positioning in PDF writer.
  • Fixed issue with even and odd headers in RTF reader.
  • Fixed issue with font element’s size in HTML reader.
  • Fixed issue with OperationProgressChangedEventArgs.ProgressPercentage value.
  • Added support for TableCellTextDirection.TopToBottomEastAsian and TableCellTextDirection.TopToBottomEastAsianLeft.
  • Added support for a wildcard in the IF field’s second expression.
  • Fixed issue with missing adjust geometry when cloning TextBox and Picture elements.
  • Fixed issue with unused field’s language in the mail merge process.
  • Fixed issue with TextWatermark height.
  • Fixed issues with track changes:
    • Revision styles were not considered when accepting or rejecting revisions.
    • Field.InstructionInlines were not considered when accepting or rejecting revisions.
    • Paragraph elements were not properly joined when accepting their deletion.
    • Paragraph elements were not deleted when all its inlines were deleted.
  • Fixed issue with merged cells and ParagraphFormat.KeepWithNext option.
  • Fixed issue with VML shapes in DOCX files.

You can download the latest version from NuGet or from the BugFixes page.

If you have any questions, complaints, or suggestions, feel free to contact us.