Discontinuation of 4 Developer License

From July 10, 2012 we are discontinuing 4 Developer License. There are few reasons for that:

  • We hoped that more people will purchase multiple license packs if we give a big discount on additional licenses. This proved to be false, as majority of companies still purchases 1 Developer License although we had a big discount on 4 Developer License.
  • Some of our customers demanded the same discount when purchasing 3 or 5 licenses and that was a big complication to our sales process.
  • Some of our customers wanted to switch from 1 Developer License to 4 Developer License once they acquired additional developers, that was also a big hassle.

At the end we decided to simplify the process and make it transparent. If you need to purchase license for more than one developer than just change Quantity field on the Buy now page. If you add developers to your company, just purchase additional licenses.

For existing customers, we will have transition period until July 25th where we will still have Upgrade for 4 Developer License on our pricelist. After July 25th, we will remove that upgrade option.