Consulting Services for Customers

We have started a consulting service to help our customers make the best out of our products in their projects.

Our consulting services focus on our clients’ most critical needs while handling projects requiring extensive office documentation management in .NET. We bring deep, functional expertise from senior developers ready to listen and help you optimize the use of our components.

We would like to understand how our customers use our components in their projects so we can help them to improve and automate their operations. Our developers will provide suggestions for possible changes, propose new developments, and integrate third-party solutions, if necessary, to help you focus on your business idea. 

Another reason that led us to offer a consulting service is to find out which components are missing from the market and which ones we can implement soon to facilitate the processes our customers need to perform. This way, we can implement new features, components, and technologies that are a must for our customers to thrive in their businesses.

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