If you are a valuable and recognized professional inside the .NET developer community, you may be eligible to receive one developer license for our commercial software product (GemBox.Spreadsheet Professional, GemBox.Document Professional, GemBox.Presentation Professional or GemBox.Email Professional) free of charge.

In order to participate you need to satisfy one of the following conditions:

  • You must be an active MVP, as listed on Microsoft MVP Awardees page.
  • You must be an active Microsoft Regional Director, as listed on Regional Directors page.
  • You must be an author of a non-negative review, text or article about one of our products in some widely read internet publication.

If you satisfy at least one of above listed conditions contact us and after a review we will send you a download link and a license key for the desired product.

GemBox Software deserves the right not to accept individuals who published negative reviews of our products or whose review, text or article doesn’t have enough developer readers (based on our own judgment).