Filevine offers a legal platform tailored for law firms, providing features such as case management, document management and manipulation, calendaring, and deadline reminders.

The main focus of the company’s development team is to build out and deliver a scalable platform. 

Choosing GemBox

When Nate Astle joined Filevine as VP of Engineering, he realized they had several different PDF libraries embedded into the application. At some point, they decided to simplify this solution and chose GemBox for the automated document manipulation. 

He shares that it’s due to “how easy it was to implement as well as how reliable it is”.

How they use GemBox products

Filevine’s primary utilization of GemBox centers around advanced document manipulation. They harness the rich array of Office and PDF features provided. 


“We empower users by providing functionalities such as document merging, dynamic document generation from various data sources, and the creation of blank templates for subsequent manipulation.”

– Nate Astle – VP of engineering at Filevine


Nate also shares that by leveraging GemBox products, they have successfully developed a resilient solution characterized by automated document workflows. This demonstrates the efficiency and effectiveness of their implementation strategy.

The implementation

With GemBox components, Filevine streamlines the automated document generation process by maintaining uniformity in most of the document’s language, necessitating only the replacement of specific fields. 

This efficient approach results in the creation of PDF-formatted documents, which are then distributed to their clients. Nate reports that entrusting GemBox-related tasks to new engineers consistently yields impressive efficiency, routinely completing these assignments in less than a week.

The results

One of the things Nate highlights from achieving with Gembox is how it has helped to increase the team’s productivity. Nate also underscores GemBox’s reliability in swiftly resolving document-related challenges:

“In the realm of document management, navigating the complexities can prove challenging. GemBox, however, stands as a reliable solution provider, simplifying these intricate matters with efficiency. Whenever we have encountered document-related challenges, we have entrusted GemBox to swiftly resolve them, consistently delivering patches that promptly address our customers’ concerns.” 


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