Code Sharp is a leading provider of HR SaaS solutions based in the Netherlands. Jouke Mandemaker, the Chief Technology Officer at Code Sharp, shares insights into the company’s challenges, the search for a solution, and the impactful results achieved with GemBox.

The Challenge

Efficiently generating and managing documents for a global clientele was a challenge for Code Sharp.

Without a robust solution in place, they needed to merge Microsoft Word documents with employee data. This inefficiency hindered their ability to deliver high-quality solutions to their clients, impacting their competitiveness in the market.

The Solution

The breakthrough came when the Code Sharp development team discovered GemBox, which offers the precise functionality they needed for document merging. GemBox’s seamless integration with Microsoft Word and its ability to generate Word and PDF files aligned perfectly with the company’s requirements. 

The Implementation

With GemBox in hand, Code Sharp embarked on the integration process, incorporating it into their microservices architecture. Their development team actively uses GemBox.Document and GemBox.Pdf feature to merge documents, seamlessly incorporating employee data and exporting files in both Word (.docx) and PDF formats. 

This integration streamlined their document generation workflow, empowering them to deliver customized HR solutions efficiently and effectively.

The Results

The integration of GemBox yielded transformative results for Code Sharp:

  • Increased Efficiency: GemBox significantly streamlined the document generation process, reducing development efforts and enabling quicker feature implementation.
  • Cost Reduction: By leveraging GemBox, Code Sharp minimized development costs associated with building and maintaining complex document generation functionalities.
  • Productivity Boost: GemBox enhanced productivity during the development cycle, saving valuable time and resources for the team.
  • Revenue Growth: GemBox became an indispensable component of Code Sharp’s product suite, contributing to business revenue growth and overall success.

In conclusion, GemBox proved to be a game-changer for Code Sharp, revolutionizing their document generation process and positioning them for sustained growth and success in the competitive HR SaaS market. 

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