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Bug Fixes

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On this page you can download the latest fixes for GemBox.Pdf.

GemBox.Pdf 1.5 Bug Fixes
Version Fixed issues Release date .NET Framework 3.5 - 4.8 download .NET Core 3.0 download .NET Standard 2.0 download
  • Fixed issue with cloning a page multiple times.
  • Fixed issue with character advance widths.
  • Added support for validating GlyphTypeface when printing and saving to XPS.
  • Fixed issue with encoding of Type3 font.
  • Fixed issue with undefined codespace ranges in embedded ToUnicode CMaps.
  • Fixed various issues when converting PDF to image formats.
(Full version:
(Full version: 15.0.300.1009)
(Full version:
  • Release version.
(Full version:
(Full version: 15.0.300.1000)
(Full version:

GemBox.Pdf 1.3 Bug Fixes
Version Fixed issues Release date .NET Framework 3.5 - 4.8 download .NET Core 3.0 download .NET Standard 2.0 download
  • Added support for rendering masked images with different resolution than base.
  • Added support for color key masked images.
(Full version:
(Full version: 13.0.300.1100)
(Full version:
  • Added support for pixel format and TIFF compression.
  • Added support for rendering page annotations.
  • Added support for reading form fields in COM.
  • Added support for checking if PDF file is encrypted.
  • Fixed issue with reading color table lookup.
2020-03-17 NA NA NA
  • Fixed issue with reading PDF file with different cross-reference entries length.
  • Fixed various issues with reading PDF files not conforming to PDF specification.
  • Added support for handling RTL text.
  • Fixed issue with reading stream that has invalid length.
2020-02-19 NA NA NA
  • Added support for annotation dictionaries that are not indirect objects.
  • Fixed issue with encoding and decoding PNG image data.
  • Added support for Form XObject Matrix entry.
  • Added support for cloning outline's Go-To action.
2020-01-14 NA NA NA
  • Fixed issue with cloning page's indirect objects.
  • Added support for reading a stream encoded with JPXDecode filter.
  • Fixed issue with rendering text of composite font.
  • Added basic support for masked images.
  • Added support for cloning page hyperlinks and bookmarks.
2019-12-03 NA NA NA
  • Added support for .NET Core 3.0.
  • Fixed issue with image data in encrypted PDF.
  • Added support for mapping Unicode BMP characters to glyph names with prefix 'uni'.
  • Added support for cloning outlines when combining PDF documents into single file.
  • Added support for PdfPathContent.
  • Fixed issue with validating glyph typeface.
2019-11-06 NA NA NA
  • Fixed issue with reading invalid FontDescriptor entry.
  • Added support for cloning XFA form fields.
  • Added support for size and resolution properties in ImageSaveOptions.
  • Fixed issue with estimation size of signature content entry.
  • Optimized image extraction.
2019-10-04 NA NA NA
  • Added support for printing PDF files.
  • Added support for saving PDF pages as images.
  • Fixed issue with reading cross-reference entries that have exceeded lengths.
  • Fixed issue with disposing invalid file.
  • Added support for applying parents transformation matrices when retrieving page location of text element.
2019-09-23 NA NA NA
  • Added support for reading a stream encoded with CCITTFaxDecode filter.
  • Fixed issue with reading signature content's hexadecimal value.
  • Fixed issue with reading indirect object from encrypted PDF file.
  • Added support for cloning signature fields.
  • Added support for cloning page annotations.
2019-08-09 NA NA NA
  • Fixed various issue with reading PDF files that don't follow PDF specification.
  • Added support for cloning interactive form fields.
2019-06-07 NA NA NA
  • Added support for exporting images.
  • Added dependency to System.Drawing.Common.
  • Added support for reading text from Form X Object.
  • Added support for COM Interop.
  • Added support for NO-BREAK SPACE in predefined font.
2019-05-08 NA NA NA
  • Fixed issue with reading interactive form fields.
  • Updated help pages.
2019-04-02 NA NA NA
  • Added support for interactive form fields.
  • Fixed issue with concatenated words and hyphens.
  • Changed heuristics for calculating space displacement.
  • Added support for PdfField.Page and PdfField.Bounds properties.
  • Added support for Latin Character Set in digital signature appearance.
  • Fixed issue with reading embedded TrueType font in PDF file.
2019-04-01 NA NA NA
  • Fixed issues with reading zero font size.
  • Fixed issue with device color space specified as array.
  • Added support for retrieving a go-to action from an outline item.
  • Changed digest algorithm in digital signature to SHA256.
2019-01-03 NA NA NA
  • Added support for PDF encryption.
  • Added support for PDF digital signature.
  • Fixed issue with reading PDF file with an invalid operator.
2018-11-15 NA NA NA
  • Fixed issue with reading PDF file that contains additional spaces in footer.
  • Added support for CP437 encoding in .NET Standard.
  • Added support for reading streams that have invalid Length.
  • Fixed issue with reading PDF file that has invalid cross reference subsection.
2018-09-25 NA NA NA
  • Release version.
2018-07-18 NA NA NA

GemBox.Pdf 1.0 Bug Fixes
Important note Important

This version is no longer supported. No new bug fixes will be released and this version is not technically supported.
To upgrade to the new version (and get new technical support) use our purchase page.
The version history is available on GemBox.Pdf Version History.

Version Fixed issues Release date .NET Framework 3.5 - 4.7 download .NET Standard 2.0 download
  • Fixed issue with trailing null characters at the end of PDF file.
  • Fixed issue with invalid characters.
(Full version:
(Full version:
  • Fixed issue with reading invalid PDF settings.
2018-05-04 NA NA
  • Added an API improvements.
2018-01-22 NA NA
  • Release version.
2017-12-27 NA NA

How to install a hotfix

Global Assembly

If you installed GemBox.Pdf Setup and you're referencing GemBox.Pdf.dll from Global Assembly Cache (GAC), then download and install a newer version of:

Private Assembly

If you're referencing GemBox.Pdf.dll from some folder, then download the latest ZIP available above, for the GemBox.Pdf version that you have, and unpack it inside that folder.

NuGet Package

If you're using GemBox.Pdf.dll as package, then run the following command in NuGet Package Manager Console:

Update-Package GemBox.Pdf -Safe