GemBox.CompoundFile reads, writes and modifies files in OLE2 Compound Document format. GemBox.CompoundFile is a .NET component that provides elegant and high performance way to read and write individual streams and storages in OLE 2 Compound Document format.

Compound Document file is file system inside a file and is used as underlying storage for native Microsoft Office files (DOC, XLS and PPT). Use this component to manipulate such files in a low level way (for example to remove a summary data stream).


GemBox.CompoundFile was created in 2006 for low-level access to OLE2 Compound Document files.

Because of low interest for component, GemBox.CompoundFile 1.1 is officially discontinued.
All licenses that are purchased for GemBox.CompoundFile are still valid and will be valid forever, we are just discontinuing technical support!


Stand-alone help file: GemBox.CompoundFile.Help.Zip

GemBox.CompoundFile on-line help (separate window)

Bug fixes

You can download the latest bug fixes for Free version from here.