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To generate a quote use this link in order to generate a purchase order.
Purchase order can be used as a quote or a proforma invoice.

In case of a Bank Wire Transfer payment proceed with the order by clicking "Pay Now" and by choosing the "Wire Transfer" payment option in the next form.
This will result in generating an invoice which contains our bank account information and bank transfer instructions.

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  • Hello. I want to use GemBox.Spreadsheet for MVC web applivcation on windows Server 2008 R2 standard edition.

    I will buy 1 Developer License.

    But I found "Royalty-free deployment (no server or OEM licenses)" comment in GemBox.Spreadsheet pricelist page.

    Can I use GemBox.Spreadsheet on Server?
  • Hi,

    Yes you can use GemBox.Spreadsheet on server, you see royalty-free means that after you purchase a developer license you can feel free to deploy the component on server(s) with no additional cost (free of charge).


    Gemmeus d.o.o.
  • Hi Mr.Mario
    I see.
    I understand that I can deploy my component including the Gembox Spreadsheet on Server by one developer license.
    Thank you.

    I have another question.
    I can buy Gembox Spreadsheet without Import restriction?
    I live in japan.