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How many licenses do we need for our development team?

The number of licenses is equal to the number of developers. For example, if four developers are working on an application that uses our component, you will need four 1-developer licenses. In other words one developer license is required for each and every developer working on any application which directly or indirectly references GemBox component.

Depending on how many developers will work on project that uses our component you can either purchase:

  • 1 Developer License for every developer
  • Small Team License Pack (up to 10 developers)
  • Large Team License Pack (up to 50 developers)

Note that you can also combine license packs for your requirements.

Licenses are not time-limited, also they are not per named developer, but rather per developer. We do understand that developers may change over time and that it wouldn't be practical to have to update licensing each time that occurs.

After purchasing developer licenses you get 18 months of free bug fixes and technical support. You also get a royalty-free deployment, there are no additional licenses for deployment, for production, for testing etc.

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  • Are these dev licenses "named" or "floating" licenses?
  • Developer licenses are per developer, not per named developer. We understand that members of a coding team may change over time and that it is not practical to have to update licensing each time that occurs.
  • I am a single developer producing multiple websites, each running under different domain names and running on different servers. Do I just need a single developer licence to use GemBox on each of my production sties? Do you issue a licence key per site or just one key that will work on all the sites?
  • Hi,

    Yes, you just need a single 1 Developer License.
    Note that after the purchase you get royalty-free deployment (there are no server or OEM licenses) and you can use the same serial key on all your sites.


    Gemmeus d.o.o.
  • Hi
    i'm a single developer but i'm working in my office and @home on 2 différents computer using git to commit my update. Do i purchase only one licence key ?
  • Hi,

    Yes, you just need a single 1 Developer License (GemBox components are only licensed per developer).


    GemBox Ltd.