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API support for conditional formatting

Request for adding an API support for Conditional Formatting.


GemBox.Spreadsheet supports Conditional Formatting only through the preservation in XLSX files.
Which means that any previous formatting we made on our XLSX file will be preserved when we load this file with GemBox.Spreadsheet and save it back to an XLSX format, but they are not directly supported by GemBox.Spreadsheet API.

The following link is a demonstration sample of preserving Conditional Formatting when reading from XLSX file and writing to XLSX file:

More informations about GemBox.Spreadsheet's preservation can be found on the following link:

1 Comment

  • It would be great if we could create conditional formats and ranges instead of having to import a template and preserve conditional formats from it. The problem with using a preserved template is that often the number of columns and rows we are writing is different to the number of columns and rows in the template. Simply adding or deleting columns and rows from the template file gives strange and unpredictable formatting results.