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Support for inline styles


  • We have been loyal, long term customers of GemBox, but we are getting a bit annoyed at the lack of progress on some basic features like this one... Is there any chance of pushing this one along before year end?
  • Hi,

    We are currently working on the component's optimization (we are especially focused on reduction of the component's memory consumption) and we are applying some major refactoring to make missing features easier to implement.
    To add, Inline styles are planned to be implemented in 2015 (probably in the second quarter).
    Also please note that we are fully aware of the features that are missing and that in 2015 we are planning to add most of the features which are currently at the top of the Feedback page:


    Gemmeus d.o.o.
  • Hey Mario,

    That is great to hear!

    Cheers, Alex
  • I need it too!