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OdsOptions Enumeration

Note: This API is now obsolete.

Options specified when loading ODS files.

Namespace:  GemBox.Spreadsheet
Assembly:  GemBox.Spreadsheet (in GemBox.Spreadsheet.dll) Version:
[ObsoleteAttribute("Use 'GemBox.Spreadsheet.OdsLoadOptions.PreserveUnsupportedFeatures' and 'GemBox.Spreadsheet.OdsLoadOptions.ReadDisplayValues' properties instead. This enumeration is obsolete and will be removed in a future version. For more info, see")]
public enum OdsOptions
  Member nameValueDescription
None0 Do not preserve ODS parts and ignore display values (display strings). Only parts recognized by GemBox.Spreadsheet API will be loaded. Use this if you are just loading ODS file or you don't want to preserve unrecognized ODS parts for next save.
PreserveKeepOpen1 Obsolete. Preserves unrecognized ODS parts in a way it keeps loaded file open. Use if locking of input file for reading is not a problem and you want to save RAM/CPU when working with large files.
PreserveMakeCopy2 Preserves unrecognized ODS parts in a way it makes a copy of input file in memory. Use if locking of input file presents a problem or you are not working with large files.
ReadDisplayValues4 Reads display values instead of stored values. Values in ODS are stored as value - display string pairs. Normally stored value is read but that looses number formatting. If you want to read value as formatted display string (for example, date as "Wednesday, May 5th, 2009" string), set this flag.
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