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ExcelFile Properties

The ExcelFile type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAutomaticFormulaUpdate
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the formula address references are automatically updated.
Public propertyCalculationOptions
Gets the calculation engine options.
Public propertyDefinedNames
Gets the collection of defined names that are not directly related with one cell range. Supported in XLSX only.
Public propertyDelayFormulaParse
Delays formula parsing until one of SaveXls methods is called.
Public propertyDocumentProperties
Public propertyGroupMethodsAffectedCellsLimit
Maximum number of affected cells in group set methods.
Public propertyCode examplePivotCaches

Gets the collection of PivotCaches defined in this ExcelFile instance.

Currently supported in XLSX only.

Public propertyProtected
Gets or sets the workbook protection flag.
Public propertyCode exampleStyles
Gets the collection of workbook (master) Styles defined for this ExcelFile instance.
Public propertyUse1904DateSystem
Gets or sets whether 1904 date system is used.
Public propertyWorksheets
Collection of all worksheets (ExcelWorksheet) in a workbook.
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