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ExcelChart Properties

The ExcelChart type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCategoryLabels
Gets the chart's category labels.
Public propertyCategoryLabelsReference
Gets or sets the chart's category labels as a cell range reference (for example, 'Sheet1!A1:D1'). Values from cells in the referenced range will be used as category labels.
Public propertyChartType
Gets the ChartType of this ExcelChart instance.
Public propertyDataLabels
Gets the settings for the data labels for the entire chart.
Public propertyHasHyperlink Obsolete.
Gets a value indicating whether this drawing (picture, chart, etc.) has hyperlink.
(Inherited from ExcelDrawing.)
Public propertyHyperlink
Gets or sets the hyperlink on this drawing (picture, chart, etc.).
(Inherited from ExcelDrawing.)
Public propertyLegend
Gets the chart's legend.
Public propertyMetadata
Gets the metadata (non-visual properties) of this ExcelDrawing instance.
(Inherited from ExcelDrawing.)
Public propertyPosition
Gets the position of this drawing (picture, chart, etc.) in the worksheet.
(Inherited from ExcelDrawing.)
Public propertySeries
Gets the chart's series.
Public propertyShowEmptyCellsAs
Gets or sets the value which indicates how empty cells (cells with Value equal to ) shall be plotted on the chart.
Public propertyTitle
Gets the chart's title.
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