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GemBox.Spreadsheet.PivotTables Namespace

Contains types that constitute model of Pivot Tables. Pivot Tables are used to arrange and aggregate complicated data and drill down on details. GemBox.Spreadsheet, currently, supports reading and writing Pivot Tables to XLSX format only.
Public classCode examplePivotAreaFieldCollection
Represents a collection of visible (row, column, page or data) PivotFields.
Public classCode examplePivotCache
Represents a memory cache for a PivotTable.
Public classCode examplePivotCacheCollection
Represents a collection of all PivotCache objects in the workbook.
Public classCode examplePivotCacheSource
Represents an abstract source of PivotCache data.
Public classCode examplePivotField
Represents a field within a PivotTable.
Public classPivotFieldBaseCollection
Represents a base collection of PivotFields.
Public classPivotFieldCollection
Represents a collection of PivotFields.
Public classCode examplePivotItem
Represents an item in a PivotField.
Public classCode examplePivotItemCollection
Represents a collection of PivotItems.
Public classCode examplePivotTable
Represents a pivot table.
Public classCode examplePivotTableCollection
Represents a collection of all PivotTable objects in the worksheet.
Public classCode exampleWorksheetSource
Represents a worksheet source of PivotCache data.
Public enumerationBuiltInPivotStyleName
Represents a PivotTable built-in styles.
Public enumerationCode examplePivotCacheSourceType
Specifies the type of the PivotCache source.
Public enumerationPivotFieldCalculationType
Represents a data PivotField subtotal function.
Public enumerationPivotFieldDisplayFormat
Represents a data PivotField display format.
Public enumerationPivotFieldLayoutForm
Represents the way the specified PivotField appear.
Public enumerationPivotFieldSubtotalTypes
Represents a data PivotField displayed subtotals.
Public enumerationPivotItemPosition
Represents base item Next/Previous/All position in the base field.
Public enumerationPivotTableStyleOptions
Specifies which options are applied to a PivotTable style.