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GemBox.Spreadsheet Namespace

Contains classes, delegates and enumerations that constitute GemBox.Spreadsheet object model.
Public classAbstractRange
Base class for classes representing one or more excel cells.
Public classAnchorCell
Represents an anchor cell object used in ExcelDrawingPosition type to specify from which cell and to which cell drawing (picture, chart, etc.) spans.
Public classCode exampleAutoFilter
Represents filter settings and provides filter functionality.
Public classCode exampleCellBorder
Represents the color and line style for the single border of a cell.
Public classCode exampleCellBorders
Represents a single set of cell border formats (left, right, top, bottom and diagonal).
Public classCode exampleCellRange
Cell range is a rectangular group of worksheet cells.
Public classCellRangeCollection
A collection of CellRange items.
Public classCellRangeEnumerator
Enumerator used for iterating cells in a CellRange.
Public classCode exampleCellStyle
Represents cell formatting.
Public classCode exampleCellStyleCollection
Represents a collection of workbook (master) Styles.
Public classComHelper
Contains methods that can be useful for users which are calling GemBox.Spreadsheet component using COM interop.
Public classCode exampleCreateDataTableOptions
Represents options creating DataTable and filling it with values from ExcelWorksheet.
Public classCsvLoadOptions
Represents options for loading from Character Separated Values file format.
Public classCode exampleCsvSaveOptions
Represents options for saving to Character Separated Values file format.
Public classCode exampleCustomFilter
Represents a filter that specifies one or two conditions (operators and values) and whether the two conditions are joined by 'and' or 'or'.
Public classDataTableCellToExcelCellConvertingEventArgs
Arguments for DataTableCellToExcelCellConverting event.
Public classDataValidation
A single item of data validation defined on ranges of the worksheet.
Public classDataValidationCollection
A collection of DataValidation items. Supported in XLSX only.
Public classDefinedName
Defined name class describes defined name that is not directly related with one cell range. Supported in XLSX only.
Public classDefinedNameCollection
Collection of defined names that are not directly related with one cell range. Supported in XLSX only.
Public classDigitalSignatureSaveOptions
Represents a class that stores details for signing a document with a digital signature.
Public classDocumentProperties
Contains a collection of built-in and custom document properties.
Public classCode exampleDynamicFilter
Represents a dynamic filter criteria that can change, either with the data itself (e.g., "above average") or with the current system date (e.g., show values for "today").
Public classExcelCell
Excel cell provides access to a single worksheet cell or to a merged range if the cell is merged.
Public classExcelCellCollection
Collection of excel cells (ExcelCell).
Public classExcelCellToDataTableCellConvertingEventArgs
Arguments for ExcelCellToDataTableCellConverting event.
Public classCode exampleExcelColumn
Excel column contains column options and cell range with column cells.
Public classCode exampleExcelColumnCollection
Collection of excel columns (ExcelColumn).
Public classExcelColumnRowBase
Base class for the excel column and row classes.
Public classCode exampleExcelComment
Represents a comment object used by Comment in the worksheet.
Public classExcelCommentCollection
Collection of comments (ExcelComment).
Public classExcelDrawing
Represents a base class for all drawings (pictures, charts, etc.) in the worksheet.
Public classExcelDrawingCollectionT
Represents a collection of drawings (pictures, charts, etc.) in the worksheet.
Public classExcelDrawingMetadata
Represents a set of non-visual properties which shall be applied to the parent ExcelDrawing.
Public classExcelDrawingPosition
Represents a class which holds information about position and size of the ExcelDrawing (picture, chart, etc.) in the worksheet.
Public classExcelFile
Excel file contains one or more worksheets (ExcelWorksheet) and workbook related properties and methods.
Public classCode exampleExcelFillPattern
Represents cell fill (background) formatting which can be either pattern or gradient.
Public classCode exampleExcelFont
Represents a typeface (for example, Calibri), along with its attributes (size, font style, underlining, color, and effects).
Public classCode exampleExcelPicture
Represents a picture in the worksheet.
Public classCode exampleExcelPictureCollection
Represents a collection of pictures in the worksheet.
Public classExcelPrintOptions
Stores MS Excel print and print related options.
Public classExcelRow
Excel row contains row options and cell range with row cells.
Public classExcelRowCollection
Collection of excel rows (ExcelRow).
Public classExcelRowColumnCellCollectionBase
Base class for row, column and cell collections.
Public classExcelRowColumnCollectionBase
Base class for row and column collections.
Public classExcelRowColumnCollectionBaseT
Generic base class for row and column collections.
Public classExcelViewOptions
Stores MS Excel display and view related options.
Public classCode exampleExcelWorksheet
Excel worksheet is a table with additional properties, identified by a unique name.
Public classExcelWorksheetCollection
Collection of worksheets (ExcelWorksheet).
Public classExtractDataDelegateEventArgs Obsolete.
Arguments of ExtractDataDelegate.
Public classCode exampleExtractToDataTableOptions
Represents options for extracting data from ExcelWorksheet to DataTable.
Public classFileFormatLimitations
Represents file format limitations when saving ExcelFile to some format.
Public classFilter
Represents a base class for filters contained in AutoFilter.
Public classFilterColumn
Represents filter and sort settings for a single filter column.
Public classFilterColumnCollection
Represents a collection of filter columns.
Public classFixedWidthColumn
Class that represents column in Fixed-Width Text format.
Public classFixedWidthLoadOptions
Represents options for loading from Fixed-Width Text file format.
Public classFixedWidthSaveOptions
Represents options for saving to Fixed-Width Text file format.
Public classFontSettings
Contains font related settings which are used when printing a spreadsheet or exporting a spreadsheet to a file format that requires font information.
Public classFormattedCharacterRange
Represents a range of characters within the cell or comment text.
Public classFormattedExcelDrawing
Represents a formatted drawing (picture, chart, etc.) which can be exported to PDF, XPS, image or be printed.
Public classFreeLimitEventArgs
Provides data for the FreeLimitReached event.
Public classFreeLimitReachedException
Exception that occurs when free limit is reached.
Public classHeaderFooter
Represents worksheet's header or footer.
Public classHeaderFooterPage
Represents header/footer which should be shown on a specific worksheet page (first page, even pages and all other pages).
Public classHeaderFooterSection
Represents header or footer section.
Public classCode exampleHorizontalPageBreak
Specifies a horizontal position where the new page begins when the worksheet is printed.
Public classCode exampleHorizontalPageBreakCollection
Collection of horizontal page breaks (HorizontalPageBreak).
Public classHtmlLoadOptions
Represents options for loading from HyperText Markup Language File (HTML) format.
Public classHtmlSaveOptions
Represents options for saving to HyperText Markup Language File (HTML) format.
Public classCode exampleIgnoredError
Represents a single ignored error for a range of cells.
Public classCode exampleIgnoredErrorCollection
Represents a collection of an ignored errors in the worksheet.
Public classCode exampleImageSaveOptions
Represents a class which stores saving options for image files.
Public classInsertDataTableOptions
Represents options for inserting data from DataTable to ExcelWorksheet.
Public classIoWarningEventArgs Obsolete.
Warning event arguments class used by the event which is raised on warning happens in the excel lite library
Public classLengthUnitConverter
Utility class used for converting values between various LengthUnit measurement units.
Public classLimitEventArgs Obsolete.
Event parameters used for the ExcelFile.LimitNear and ExcelFile.LimitReached events.
Public classCode exampleLoadOptions
Represents a base class for loading options of various file formats.
Public classNamedRange
Represents a named range in the worksheet.
Public classCode exampleNamedRangeCollection
Collection of the descriptive names which are used to represent cells, ranges of cells, formulas, or constant values.
Public classOdsLoadOptions
Represents options for loading from OpenDocument Spreadsheet file format.
Public classOdsSaveOptions
Represents options for saving to OpenDocument Spreadsheet file format.
Public classCode examplePageBreak
Base class for all page breaks.
Public classCode examplePageBreakCollection
Base class for page break collections.
Public classCode examplePageBreakCollectionT
Generic base class for page break collections.
Public classCode examplePdfSaveOptions
Represents options for saving to Portable Document Format (PDF) file.
Public classCode examplePrintOptions
Specifies information about how a spreadsheet is printed.
Public classProtectedRange
Represents a range of cells to be protected.
Public classProtectedRangeCollection
Represents a collection of all protected ranges on the ExcelWorksheet.
Public classCode exampleSaveOptions
Represents a base class for saving options of various file formats.
Public classSheetHeaderFooter
Represents sheet header/footer.
Public classSortDescription Obsolete.
Public classCode exampleSortLevel
Represents sort settings for a single sort level.
Public classSortLevelCollection
Represents a collection of sort levels.
Public classCode exampleSortState
Represents sort settings and provides sort functionality.
Public classSpreadsheetException
Represents errors that can occur in the GemBox.Spreadsheet component.
Public classSpreadsheetHyperlink
Hyperlink class.
Public classSpreadsheetHyperlinkCollection
Collection of hyperlinks (SpreadsheetHyperlink).
Public classSpreadsheetInfo
Contains static licensing methods and diagnostic information about executing GemBox.Spreadsheet assembly.
Public classCode exampleStyle
Represents a workbook (master) style which can be shared by multiple cells.
Public classCode exampleTop10Filter
Represents a filter that filters by a top N (percent or number of items).
Public classCode exampleValuesFilter
Represents a filter that filters by a list of values.
Public classCode exampleVerticalPageBreak
Specifies a vertical position where the new page begins when the worksheet is printed.
Public classCode exampleVerticalPageBreakCollection
Collection of vertical page breaks (VerticalPageBreak).
Public classWorksheetPanes
Represents the worksheet panes.
Public classWorksheetProtection
Protection settings. Supported in XLSX only.
Public classXlsLoadOptions
Represents options for loading from XLS file format (Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet format; Excel 2003 and prior versions) .
Public classXlsSaveOptions
Represents options for saving to, XLS file format (Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet format; Excel 2003 and prior versions) .
Public classXlsxLoadOptions
Represent options for loading from XLSX file format (Microsoft Excel Open XML Spreadsheet; Excel 2007 and later).
Public classCode exampleXlsxSaveOptions
Represent options for saving to XLSX file format (Microsoft Excel Open XML Spreadsheet; Excel 2007 and later).
Public classCode exampleXpsSaveOptions
Represents options for saving to XML Paper Specification file format.
Public structureDateTimeGroup

Represents a group of DateTimes.

Each DateTime instance that has the same date/time components (year, month, day, hour, minute, second) as this DateTime up to Level belongs to this group.

Instance of DateTimeGroup can be inserted into Values collection to enable filtering DateTime values.

Public structureSpreadsheetColor
Represents a spreadsheet color.
Public structureSpreadsheetIcon
Represents a spreadsheet icon.
Public delegateExcelWorksheetExtractDataEventHandler Obsolete.
Delegate for handling the ExtractData events.
Public delegateIoWarningEventHandler Obsolete.
Delegate for handling the notification events.
Public delegateLimitEventHandler Obsolete.
Delegate for handling the ExcelFile.LimitNear and ExcelFile.LimitReached events.
Public enumerationCode exampleBuiltInCellStyleName
Represents a built-in style name.
Public enumerationBuiltInDocumentProperties
Enumeration of available built-in document properties.
Public enumerationCellValueType
Represents the possible cell value types.
Public enumerationClearOptions
Specifies the clear options.
Public enumerationColorName
Represents a color name of colors available in MS Excel user interface.
Public enumerationColumnTypeResolution
Defines resolution method that determines DataTable column type.
Public enumerationCsvType
Formatting type for CSV files.
Public enumerationDataValidationErrorStyle
The style of data validation error alert.
Public enumerationDataValidationOperator
The relational operator used in data validation.
Public enumerationDataValidationType
Specifies the type of data validation used to validate user input.
Public enumerationDateTimeGroupLevel
Represents a level of a DateTimeGroup.
Public enumerationDynamicFilterType
Represents a dynamic filter type.
Public enumerationExcelObjectSourceType
Represents an enumeration of possible sources of various objects (such as pictures, audio and other files) that can be either embedded, linked or both.
Public enumerationExcelPictureFormat
Picture formats.
Public enumerationExtractDataError Obsolete.
Possible errors that can occur while extracting to DataTable.
Public enumerationExtractDataEventAction
Possible ways of proceeding after one of the events is fired while extracting to data table.
Public enumerationExtractDataOptions
Options specified when extracting data to DataTable.
Public enumerationCode exampleFillPatternStyle

Represents the style of fill pattern being used for a cell format.

Currently supported only in XLS and XLSX. For all other formats it defaults to either None or Solid.

Public enumerationFilterOperator
Operator enumerations for filtering.
Public enumerationFilterType
Represents a filter type.
Public enumerationCode exampleFreeLimitReachedAction
Type of action that can be chosen when free limit is reached.
Public enumerationCode exampleGradientShadingStyle

Represents a shading style and variant of a gradient fill effect.

Gradient fill is currently supported in XLSX and partially in rendering formats (PDF, XPS and image formats).

Public enumerationHeaderFooterFieldType
Represents types of HeaderFooterSection predefined fields.
Public enumerationCode exampleHorizontalAlignmentStyle
Represents available horizontal alignment options used in HorizontalAlignment member.
Public enumerationHtmlType
Defines type of HTML export.
Public enumerationCode exampleIgnoredErrorTypes
Represents an ignored error conditions.
Public enumerationImageSaveFormat
An enumeration of supported image file formats when saving the ExcelFile to an image using a ImageSaveOptions.
Public enumerationCode exampleIndividualBorder
Represents single border type of a cell.
Public enumerationInsertShiftDirection
Represents the possible cell insert shift directions.
Public enumerationIoOperation Obsolete.
Possible operations that can fire notification events.
Public enumerationLengthUnit
Represents the measurement unit for measuring length or distance.
Public enumerationCode exampleLineStyle
Represents the line style of a border in a cell.
Public enumerationCode exampleMultipleBorders
Represents multiple border types of a cell.
Public enumerationOdsOptions Obsolete.
Options specified when loading ODS files.
Public enumerationPanePosition
Represents the position of the pane.
Public enumerationPanesState
Represents the state of the pane.
Public enumerationPaperType
Specifies the paper type.
Public enumerationPdfPermissions
Defines operations that are allowed to a user on an encrypted PDF document.
Public enumerationPositioningMode
Option that specify the moving and sizing behavior of the ExcelDrawing (picture, chart, etc.) in the worksheet.
Public enumerationCode exampleRangeIndexingMode
Indexing modes used by CellRange.
Public enumerationRemoveShiftDirection
Represents the possible cell remove shift directions.
Public enumerationRowColumnResolutionMethod Obsolete.
Defines different methods of CellStyle resolution.
Public enumerationCode exampleScriptPosition
Defines the possible settings for vertical alignment of a text and is used in ScriptPosition member to get superscript or subscript text without altering the font size.
Public enumerationSelectionType
Defines the selection which will be saved or printed.
Public enumerationSheetType
Specifies the sheet type.
Public enumerationSheetVisibility
Script positions used in ExcelWorksheet.Visibility.
Public enumerationSpreadsheetIconStyle
Represents an enumeration of visually distinct icon sets.
Public enumerationCode exampleUnderlineStyle
Represents the different types of possible underline formatting used in UnderlineStyle member.
Public enumerationCode exampleVerticalAlignmentStyle
Represents available vertical alignment options used in VerticalAlignment member.
Public enumerationViewType
Specifies the view type.
Public enumerationXlsOptions
Options specified when reading XLS files.
Public enumerationXlsxOptions Obsolete.
Options specified when reading XLSX files.
Public enumerationXlsxType
OpenXML file type.