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ExcelWorksheet Methods

The ExcelWorksheet type exposes the following members.

Public methodCalculate
Calculates formula for every excel cell in this worksheet.
Public methodCalculateMaxUsedColumns
Iterates all rows and finds maximum number of used columns.
Public methodClear
Clears this worksheet.
Public methodCode exampleCreateDataTable
Creates a DataTable and fills it with data from this ExcelWorksheet in a manner specified by create options, see CreateDataTableOptions.
Public methodCode exampleExtractToDataTable
Extracts data to DataTable with specified extract options, see ExtractToDataTableOptions.
Public methodGetUsedCellRange
Calculates cell range that is used in the worksheet.
Public methodInsertDataTable(DataTable)
Inserts a DataTable into the current worksheet.
Public methodInsertDataTable(DataTable, InsertDataTableOptions)
Inserts a DataTable into the current worksheet.
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