Add Hyperlinks to Excel

The following example shows how to add hyperlinks to Excel cells with URL (external) or cell (internal) as their destination, using GemBox.Spreadsheet.

using GemBox.Spreadsheet;

class Program
    static void Main()
        // If using the Professional version, put your serial key below.

        var workbook = new ExcelFile();
        var worksheet = workbook.Worksheets.Add("Hyperlinks");
        var hyperlinkStyle = workbook.Styles[BuiltInCellStyleName.Hyperlink];

        var cell = worksheet.Cells["B1"];
        cell.Value = "Link to GemBox homepage";
        cell.Style = hyperlinkStyle;
        cell.Hyperlink.Location = "";
        cell.Hyperlink.IsExternal = true;

        cell = worksheet.Cells["B3"];
        cell.Value = "Jump";
        cell.Style = hyperlinkStyle;
        cell.Hyperlink.ToolTip = "This is tool tip! This hyperlink jumps to E1.";
        cell.Hyperlink.Location = worksheet.Name + "!E3";

        worksheet.Cells["E3"].Value = "Jump destination";

        cell = worksheet.Cells["B5"];
        cell.Formula = "=HYPERLINK(\"\", \"Link to Hyperlinks example\")";
        cell.Style = hyperlinkStyle;

Imports GemBox.Spreadsheet

Module Program

    Sub Main()

        ' If using the Professional version, put your serial key below.

        Dim workbook As New ExcelFile()
        Dim worksheet = workbook.Worksheets.Add("Hyperlinks")
        Dim hyperlinkStyle = workbook.Styles(BuiltInCellStyleName.Hyperlink)

        Dim cell = worksheet.Cells("B1")
        cell.Value = "Link to GemBox homepage"
        cell.Style = hyperlinkStyle
        cell.Hyperlink.Location = ""
        cell.Hyperlink.IsExternal = True

        cell = worksheet.Cells("B3")
        cell.Value = "Jump"
        cell.Style = hyperlinkStyle
        cell.Hyperlink.ToolTip = "This is tool tip! This hyperlink jumps to E1."
        cell.Hyperlink.Location = worksheet.Name + "!E3"

        worksheet.Cells("E3").Value = "Jump destination"

        cell = worksheet.Cells("B5")
        cell.Formula = "=HYPERLINK("""", ""Link to Hyperlinks example"")"
        cell.Style = hyperlinkStyle


    End Sub
End Module
Adding Excel cell hyperlinks with a destination cell or URL
Screenshot of Excel cell hyperlinks

You can use hyperlinks to link to external resources (URLs) or cells. To remove a hyperlink, just set this property to null. You can also retrieve or delete any hyperlink within a worksheet using the ExcelWorksheet.Hyperlinks collection.

Besides the Hyperlink property, you can also use the HYPERLINK formula to create a hyperlink, but note:

  • In ODS files, HYPERLINK and other OpenOffice formulas use a semicolon as an argument list separator, unlike Excel formulas which use a comma.
  • In PDF and HTML files, HYPERLINK and other formulas must be calculated before exporting.

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