Excel Decryption for XLS in C# and VB.NET

XLS decryption enables you to read files that are encrypted with a password. To read a protected or encrypted Excel workbook, you'll need to provide a XlsLoadOptions.Password value.

Note that GemBox.Spreadsheet currently doesn't support encrypting XLS files (saving password protected XLS files), but it does support encrypting XLSX files.

The following example shows how to load an encrypted XLS file and save it as a decrypted XLS file in C# and VB.NET.

Decrypting Excel file of XLS format in C# and VB.NET
Screenshot of Excel workbook's decryption
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using GemBox.Spreadsheet;

class Program
    static void Main()
        // If using the Professional version, put your serial key below.

        var inputPassword = "%InputPassword%";

        var workbook = ExcelFile.Load("%InputFileName%",
            new XlsLoadOptions() { Password = inputPassword });

        workbook.Save("Decrypted File.xls");
Imports GemBox.Spreadsheet

Module Program

    Sub Main()

        ' If using the Professional version, put your serial key below.

        Dim inputPassword = "%InputPassword%"

        Dim workbook = ExcelFile.Load("%InputFileName%",
            New XlsLoadOptions With {.Password = inputPassword})

        workbook.Save("Decrypted File.xls")

    End Sub
End Module

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