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GemBox.Spreadsheet for Java supports most of the Microsoft Excel and Open Office features through its API, but not all.

For example, GemBox.Spreadsheet doesn't support certain charts through its API.

Note Note

Unsupported features will be incrementally added to the future versions of GemBox.Spreadsheet, based on customer feedback.

Although not supporting all Microsoft Excel and Open Office features through its API, GemBox.Spreadsheet allows you to preserve the unsupported features, so you don't lose any relevant workbook information when loading and saving to the same file format.

Activate / deactivate preservation

Preservation of the unsupported features is managed through

method when loading a workbook with ExcelFile.load static methods.

By default, preservation is activated.

Note Note

Default load options returned from LoadOptions.getXlsxDefault() and LoadOptions.getOdsDefault() static methods have preservation activated.

The following example shows how to load an XLSX workbook with and without activated preservation:

// Preserve unsupported features while loading.
ExcelFile workbookPreserved = ExcelFile.load("Workbook.xlsx", LoadOptions.getXlsxDefault());

// Do not preserve unsupported features while loading.
XlsxLoadOptions loadOptions = new XlsxLoadOptions();
ExcelFile workbookUnpreserved = ExcelFile.load("Workbook.xlsx", loadOptions);