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Hello World Example

Before using GemBox.Spreadsheet for Java, you need to add the component using one of the following methods:

Usage with maven
<!-- Add reference to the GemBox repository -->
  <name>GemBox API</name>

<!-- Add dependency -->

After including GemBox.Spreadsheet component to your project, you need to set license key. To use GemBox.Spreadsheet in Free mode, use SpreadsheetInfo.setLicense("FREE-LIMITED-KEY");.


Using GemBox.Spreadsheet component is easy and straightforward. The following code shows how to create a spreadsheet with a single 'Hello World' cell:

// Set license key to use GemBox.Spreadsheet in a Free mode.

ExcelFile file = new ExcelFile();

file.addWorksheet("Test").getCell("A1").setValue("Hello World");"Test.xlsx");