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GemBox.Spreadsheet for Java supports multiple spreadsheet file formats and a lot of MS Excel features and can substantially improve your application's performance and remove dependency on Excel Automation.

Following is a more detailed list of GemBox.Spreadsheet for Java features.

GemBox.Spreadsheet for Java Features
  • Read Microsoft Excel (XLSX, XLS, ODS) files, textual files (CSV, TXT) and HTML files.

  • Write / create and convert to XLSX, XLS, ODS, CSV, TXT and HTML.

  • Protect and encrypt spreadsheets.

  • Get, create or edit sheets, rows, columns, cells, formulas, hyperlinks, comments, images, charts, pivot tables.

  • Get, create or edit cell styles and formatting, in-line text formatting and conditional formatting.

  • Get, create or edit headers and footers, grouping and outlining, data validation, sheet protection, document properties, print and view options.

  • Get, create or edit row height and column width, print titles and area, freeze or split panes.

  • Search, filter or sort spreadsheet data.

  • Cell formula calculation engine.

  • Preserve unsupported elements including illustrations, shapes, certain charts, macros, smart arts, sparklines and slicers.

Different file formats have different level of support. Therefore, for file formats that you require, you should check if our current implementation supports features that you need.