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SlideSizeType Enumeration

Represents the types of slide size that the slide should be optimized for.

Namespace:  GemBox.Presentation
Assembly:  GemBox.Presentation (in GemBox.Presentation.dll) Version: (
public enum SlideSizeType
  Member nameValueDescription
Custom0 Custom output.
OnscreenShow4X31 On-screen Show (4:3).
LetterPaper2 Letter Paper (8.5 inch x 11 inch).
LedgerPaper3 Ledger Paper (11 inch x 17 inch).
A3Paper4 A3 Paper (297 mm x 420 mm).
A4Paper5 A4 Paper (210 mm x 297 mm).
B4ISOPaper6 B4 (ISO) Paper (250 mm x 353 mm).
B4JISPaper7 B4 (JIS) Paper (250 mm x 353 mm).
B5ISOPaper8 B5 (ISO) Paper (176 mm x 250 mm).
B5JISPaper9 B5 (JIS) Paper (176 mm x 250 mm).
Slides35MM10 35mm Slides.
Overhead11 Overhead.
Banner12 Banner.
OnscreenShow16X913 On-screen Show (16:9).
OnscreenShow16X1014 On-screen Show (16:10).
Widescreen15 Widescreen.
HagakiCard16 HagakiCard.
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