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MediaBookmarkCollection Class

Represents a collection of bookmarks in the media.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  GemBox.Presentation.Media
Assembly:  GemBox.Presentation (in GemBox.Presentation.dll) Version: (
public sealed class MediaBookmarkCollection : Collection<MediaBookmark>

The MediaBookmarkCollection type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCount
Gets the number of MediaBookmarks contained in the collection.
Public propertyItemInt32
Gets the MediaBookmark at the specified index.
Public propertyItemTimeOffset

Gets the bookmark name at the specified time offset.

Returns if there is no bookmark at the specified time offset.

Public methodAdd
Adds a T to the end of the collection.
(Inherited from CollectionT.)
Public methodClear
Removes all MediaBookmarks from the collection.
Public methodContains(String)
Determines whether a bookmark with the specified name is contained in the media bookmarks.
Public methodContains(MediaBookmark)
Determines whether a MediaBookmark is in the collection.
Public methodGetEnumerator
Returns an enumerator that iterates through the MediaBookmarkCollection.
Public methodIndexOf
Searches for the specified MediaBookmark and returns the zero-based index of the first occurrence within the entire collection.
Public methodInsert
Inserts a T to the collection at the specified index.
(Inherited from CollectionT.)
Public methodRemove(String)
Removes a MediaBookmark with the specified name from the collection.
Public methodRemove(MediaBookmark)
Removes the first occurrence of a specific MediaBookmark from the collection.
Public methodRemove(TimeOffset)
Removes a MediaBookmark with the specified time offset from the collection.
Public methodRemoveAt
Removes the MediaBookmark at the specified index of the collection.
All bookmarks in this collection must have unique names and time offsets. Collection is sorted based on bookmark's time offsets.
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