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Comment Class

Represents a single comment attached to a slide. It contains the text of the comment, its position on the slide, and attributes referring to its author and date.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  GemBox.Presentation
Assembly:  GemBox.Presentation (in GemBox.Presentation.dll) Version: (
public sealed class Comment

The Comment type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAuthor
Gets the author of the comment.
Public propertyLastModified
Gets the date and time this comment was last modified.
Public propertyLeft
Gets or sets the position of the left edge of the comment on a slide.
Public propertyText
Gets or sets the content of a comment. This is the text with which the author has annotated the slide.
Public propertyTop
Gets or sets the position of the top edge of the comment on a slide.
A comment is a text note attached to a slide, with the primary purpose of allowing readers of a presentation to provide feedback to the presentation author.Each comment contains an unformatted text string and information about its author, and is attached to a particular location on a slide. Comments can be visible while editing the presentation, but do not appear when a slide show is given.The displaying application decides when to display comments and determines their visual appearance.
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