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GemBox.Presentation.Tables Namespace

Contains types that represent tables, table elements (columns, rows and cells), collections of table elements and table-related formatting.
Public classTable
Represents a table.
Public classTableBackground
Represents a table background fill and effects applied with a TableStyle.
Public classTableCell
Represents a table cell.
Public classTableCellCollection
Represents a collection of TableCells.
Public classTableCellFormat
Represents a set of formatting options that can be applied to a TableCell.
Public classTableColumn
Represents a table column.
Public classTableColumnCollection
Represents a collection of TableColumns.
Public classTableElement
Represents a base type for all table element types, such as TableColumn, TableRow and TableCell.
Public classTableElementCollectionT
Represents a base type for all collections that contain TableElement derived instances, such as TableColumnCollection, TableRowCollection and TableCellCollection.
Public classTableFormat
Represents a set of formatting options that can be applied to a Table.
Public classTablePartBorderStyle

Represents a set of border-related table style conditional formatting properties.

Public classTablePartStyle

Represents a set of table style conditional formatting properties.

These properties affect the appearance of all rows, cells, paragraphs and runs within the parent table matching the specified condition, but may be overridden by individual row, cell, paragraph and run level formattings.

Public classTablePartTextStyle

Represents a set of text-related table style conditional formatting properties.

Public classTableRow
Represents a table row.
Public classTableRowCollection
Represents a collection of TableRows.
Public classTableStyle
Represents a style which can be applied to one or more Tables within a presentation content.
Public classTableStyleCollection
Represents a collection of TableStyles.
Public enumerationTableCellBorderType
Represents the type of cell border.
Public enumerationTablePartStyleType
Represents table style conditional format types which indicate what region of a table will be formatted with TablePartStyle object.
Public enumerationTableStyleName
Represents an enumeration of built-in table style names.
Public enumerationTableStyleOptions
Specifies which table style special formats are applied to a table.