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GemBox.Presentation is a .NET component that enables developers to read, write, convert and print presentation files (PPTX, PPT, PDF, XPS and image file formats) from .NET applications in a simple and efficient way.

GemBox.Presentation has the following characteristics:

Rich Set of Features

GemBox.Presentation allows you to

  • Read Microsoft PowerPoint (PPTX) and PowerPoint 97-2003 (PPT) presentations.

  • Write, create and convert to Microsoft PowerPoint (PPTX) presentations, Portable Document Format (PDF) and XML Paper Specification (XPS) documents.

  • Print presentations. Render slides in image files (PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, WMP) or WPF's ImageSource. View presentations in WPF's DocumentViewer.

  • Programmatically access and change presentation content and formatting options.

For a full list of features, see Features.

Unified programming interface for PPTX, PPT, PDF and XPS formats.

GemBox.Presentation provides a single programming interface for multiple presentation formats (PPTX, PPT, PDF and XPS) which makes it very easy to programmatically create presentation content and save it in various file formats or to convert presentations between various file formats.

For more details about supported file formats in GemBox.Presentation, see Supported File Formats.

Independence from Microsoft Office Automation

GemBox.Presentation does not use Microsoft Office Automation, so it can be used on machines that do not have Microsoft Office installed.

Plain and Fair Licensing

We don't charge you for additional server licenses. You can use our component for an unlimited number of projects (you don’t need to purchase additional "OEM licenses"). Nor do we force you to purchase subscription packages.

Our licensing is very simple: every developer working with our component needs to be covered by a developer license. We don't care if it is a Windows or a web application, how many servers you use or if you have just one or millions of customers.

For more information about evaluating and licensing GemBox.Presentation, see Evaluation and Licensing.

High Performance

With GemBox.Presentation, you will experience high performance reading, writing and/or performing other presentation-related tasks.

Internal caching of format data, transparent to the user, enables GemBox.Presentation to outperform all competitive products in terms of memory use.

Simple and Intuitive API

GemBox.Presentation is designed and developed to conform to Microsoft's standards and best practices for developing .NET libraries.

The GemBox.Presentation Content Model contains only a few classes, and the object model collections are strongly typed, which makes GemBox.Presentation very easy to learn and use and very hard to use in an inappropriate way.

As opposed to OpenXML SDK, which was designed to support an entire OpenXML specification, GemBox.Presentation has been designed from a user-friendly point of view. The GemBox.Presentation API is simple and intuitive, which allows users to spend less time studying underlying technology and specifications and more time on actual application development.

To help you get started coding with GemBox.Presentation, see the Hello World Example.